My name is Jhermy and I am the founder and owner of Äventyr & Tång AB with its working name Marine Events.
This company started back in 1997 when diving was very popular. I was traveling and working as a diver during Swedish winter and when the summer returned so did I. A dive-school needs a proper boat and from having a smaller boat that could take maximum 6 divers the boat “Cyklop” was bought. A couple of years later I also got my aluminium boat. This was well suited for diving.

In 2008 I purchased “Brasill” A 39″ long Kulkuri. This was a former fishing boat and here my company changed direction. Fishing has always been my interest and now I started to do mackerel fishing trips. Soon I also started fishing with cages. Lobster, crab and later also crayfish. We had a big colony of seals close to Vinga and quite often we went by to watch them playing around. So I started to learn more about them. The seal safari trip was born.

In februari 2019 I drove home my new built catamaran "Blue Lady" From the south coast of England. This boat is customized to fit my activities. More space and more comfortable for you.

Nowadays fishing and sightseeing is our main purpose. We have trips where you book the seats you want from our schedule and we work with companies and bigger groups.
Welcome onboard!

Jhermy Olausson Owner
Jhermy Olausson Owner
Blue Lady a catamaran. A super nice boat well equipped for fishing on wrecks or to fish with cages. This boat takes 12 passengers.
My third boat “Brasill"
My second boat was a special built aluminium boat. We called it “Stressbaljan”.
My first boat “Cyklop”. This was a slow glass bottom boat with a great deck for al the dive gear that we brought.

Booking Rules

Lobster safari, Deep sea fishing & Group events

If cancelation later then 14 days before an event there will be a cancelation fee of 500 SEK per participant.
If cancelation later then 7 days before an event the event shall be paid in full amount.

If rebooking later then 7 days before an event there will be a rebooking fee of 300 SEK per participant.

Other trips

If cancelation later then 4 days before an event the event shall be paid in full amount.