Seal safari with Vinga visit.

We travel between the small islands far from the fairway. As we arrives we slow down and wait. They need some time to get used to our presence , then slowly we can get closer. Sometimes if we don’t rush we get as close as just a few meters. Some are sunbathing on the rocks and some are swimming around and playing in the shallow water. Maybe a couple of them are out on a hunting trip. This is an average day in the seal colony.

The kind of seals we have on the west coast of Sweden Is common seals. They live here in colonies the hole year around. In the beginning of the summer the cubs are born. In spite of the fact that they are wild animals, they allow us to visit them and to let us in close. A real wild life experience.

After the seals we go to the Island Vinga for a walk around: Vinga is the last Island before Denmark and is famous for its lighthouse that was built in 1890. Next to the lighthouse stands the characteristic “Båken”. this is a landmark when you enter the coast from the open sea. Here also once the famous troubadour Evert Taube grow up. His father was chief of the light house keepers who lived out here some hundred years ago. You can still feel the history of standing on the top watching out into the open sea looking for ships in the dark. The view is stunning out here!


  • Price: Adult                       300 SEK           Children 1-12 y                 150 SEK
  • Season:                              April-November
  • Duration:                          2 hours
  • Languages spoken:        Swedish, English
  • Included:              Lifejackets & Binoculars
  • What to think about:    Bring a camera
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