This tasty creature is found at great depth. To catch them you put a link with many small pots in a line. The reward is that if your In the right location at the right time you catch several of them in every pot.

The crayfish is for many people the number one most tasty of al shellfish. They are usually caught by trawlers. But if you catch them in pots they don’t get muddy and they seem to be bigger, and so much more tasty.

Because they live in the muddy parts at about 30-40 meters depth we use protection clothes which you borrow from us. The gear is brought in by al line hauler. Your job is to get the crayfish out of the pots and new bait in before we put the pots back in the sea again.

We bring Coffee and takes a break at the island Vinga before we return back with the days catch. You will be offered part of the catch in the trip to take home and prepare.


The lovely island of Hönö, with only 5000 residents, located just 20 km from Gothenburg Central Station. It’s a popular shopping destination, with some lovely boutiques in Hönö Klåva, which was once Sweden’s biggest fishing harbour in terms of the number of fishing boats. You’ll find a spot to swim wherever you turn, and lots of pretty footpaths with fantastic views of Vinga lighthouse. If you want to find out more about how life used to be on the islands you can visit the fishing museum and heritage centre, and end up at one of the many nice cafés there are on the island.


  • Price:                                 795 SEK pp
  • Season:                              april-July
  • Duration:                          3 hours
  • Languages spoken:        Swedish, English
  • Included:                           Lending protection clothing, gloves, lifejackets
  • What to think about:     Please wear proper rubber boots or equal.  If you suffer from seasickness, please prevent this with medication.

How to cook!


  • Water: 3 litres
  • Salt: 1 dl
  • sugar: 1/2 dl
  • lemon juice: 1/4 dl
  • Spices: dried seeds from dill and a decilitre from dark beer


Put everything in and start to boil up the water.

When it is boiling put the Crayfish in.

When you see the first bubbles, start the time. 8 minutes boiling

When the time is up. take the hole pot and put it in the sink where you have cold water. let the Crayfish cool down in its own boiling water.


Serve with a nice aioli!

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