Crab fishing safari

Crab fishing safari

Join us on a fishing adventure with a long and noble history in this part of the world. This is around the famous island Vinga. The guests are welcome to be part of the fishing and try to pull the cage out of the sea. How to take out the crabs and put new bait in we teach you. We will pick up a number of cages until we have the crabs we need.

Our fishing boat Brasill uses both traditional and modern tools and we promote sustainable fishing and tourism in an area that was once the heart of the Swedish fisheries. Crabs to take home and cook is included. You’ll need safety equipment and protective clothing, but don’t worry, we’ll provide it. Be sure to put warm clothes and boots on!

The lovely island of Hönö, with only 5000 residents, lies just 20 km from Gothenburg’s Central Station. It’s a popular shopping destination, with some lovely boutiques in Hönö Klåva, which was once Sweden’s biggest fishing harbour in terms of the number of fishing boats. You’ll find a spot to swim wherever you turn, and lots of pretty footpaths with fantastic views of Vinga lighthouse. If you want to find out more about how life used to be on the islands you can visit the fishing museum and heritage centre, and end up at one of the many nice cafes there are on the island.


  • Price:                                  600 SEK
  • Season:                              April-September
  • Duration:                          3 hours
  • Languages spoken:        Swedish, English
  • Included:                           Lending equipment, lifejackets
  • What to think about:   wear good shoes or rubber boots
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